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Title: Section 800.23 - General requirements related to equipment

Effective Date


800.23 General requirements related to equipment.

(a) All equipment shall be clean, sanitary and operable.

(b) The emergency medical technician must be able to operate all equipment on board the ambulance or emergency ambulance service vehicle within the scope of his/her certification.

(c) Any volume of liquid in excess of 249 milliliters stored in the ambulance must be in plastic containers.

(d) Insofar as practical, all equipment in every vehicle shall be secured to the vehicle whenever the vehicle is in motion.

(e) All pressurized gas cylinders shall be secured and in compliance with Federal DOT hydrostatis test expiration dates.

(f) If controlled substances, drugs or needles are carried, there shall be a securely locked cabinet in which these items are stored when not in use.


VOLUME E (Title 10)