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Title: Section 800.5 - Project eligibility.

800.5 Project eligibility. (a) A homeless project proposal must set forth its plan to preserve, upgrade or operate a building or buildings for use as a homeless project by:

(1) acquiring, improving, constructing, renovating or rehabilitating buildings for such use;

(2) managing such housing for persons in need of such accommodations; and

(3) providing or arranging for such nonhousing services as are appropriate to the proposed population.

(b) An applicant must document the availability to the occupants of such housing, appropriate onsite or community-based supportive services, including but not limited to, local support services and local mental disability services, where applicable.

(c) An applicant must submit to the department an operating plan for the proposed project, as defined in section 800.2 of this Part.

(d) If the homeless project application seeks funding to set up or operate a facility licensed by any State agency, the applicant must supply documentation from such agency that the applicant, project, and site meet all appropriate licensing criteria.

(e) An applicant shall demonstrate that any proposed building renovation is consistent with applicable local codes, land use provisions, zoning regulations and laws and that, where necessary, a new certificate of occupancy will be obtained at completion.

(f) Within 30 days of submitting an application for funding under this Part, the municipality, not-for-profit corporation or charitable organization shall notify the local planning board, appropriate for the geographic area in which the proposed homeless project would be located, and shall provide such board with information regarding the proposed homeless project. A copy of such notification, as well as the response or any other action taken by the local planning board, shall be provided to the department.



VOLUME C (Title 18)