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Title: Section 80.110 - Notification by licensee

Effective Date


80.110 Notification by licensee. Persons licensed or certified pursuant to article 33 of the Public Health Law and persons authorized to possess controlled substances in connection with his authorized activities shall promptly notify the department of:

(a) each incident or alleged incident of theft, loss or possible diversion of controlled substances manufactured, ordered, distributed or possessed by such person; a form of this purpose furnished by the department shall be filed with the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, New York State Department of Health.

(b) any charge or proceeding brought in any court or before any governmental agency, State or Federal, in which it is alleged that the licensee, its employees, subsidiaries, managing officers, or directors has failed to comply with the provisions of the Federal Controlled Substances Act or the laws of any State relating to controlled substances.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)