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Title: Section 80.2 - Exemptions

Effective Date


80.2 Exemptions.

(a) Pursuant to section 3305 of the Public Health Law, the provisions of this Part restricting the possession of controlled substances shall not apply to:

(1) common carriers or warehousemen while engaged in lawfully transporting or storing such substances or to any employee of the same acting within the scope of his employment;

(2) public officers or their employees in the lawful performance of their official duties requiring possession of controlled substances;

(3) temporary incidental possession by employees or agents of persons lawfully entitled to possession or by persons whose possession is for the purpose of aiding public officers in performing their official duties;

(4) a person in the employ of the United States government, its territories, districts or insular governments by reason of his official duties;

(5) a master of a ship or a person in charge of any aircraft upon which a physician is not regularly employed; or

(6) a duly authorized agent of an incorporated society for the prevention of cruelty to animals or a municipal animal control facility for the limited purpose of purchasing, possessing and dispensing sodium pentobarbital to registered and certified personnel, to euthanize animals and ketamine hydrochloride to anesthetize animals prior to euthanasia.

(b) The provisions of article 33 with respect to the payment of fees and costs shall not apply to the State of New York or any political subdivision thereof or any agency or instrumentality of either.

(c) The following exemptions are granted to the possession and use of schedule III or IV substances as part of an industrial process or manufacture of substances other than drugs: None.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)