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Title: Section 80.37 - Records; researchers

80.37 Records; researchers.

(a) Researchers, licensed and authorized to possess and use controlled substances, shall keep a record of all such substances received and used by them.

(1) A record of all such controlled substances received shall include date of receipt, name and address of vendor, type and quantity of drug received. A duplicate invoice or separate itemized list furnished by the vendor will be sufficient to meet this record requirement providing it contains all the information required and is maintained in a separate file.

(2) A record of all controlled substances used shall include the name of the person authorized to control and use such drugs, the date, type and quantity of drug and signature of the user.

(b) In addition, such records shall contain the following information for each controlled substance:

(1) Name of substance.

(2) Each finished form (such as 10 mg. tablet, or 10 mg. concentration per fluid ounce or milliliter) and the number of units or volume of finished form in each commercial container.

(3) The number of commercial containers of such finished form received from other persons, including the date of and number of containers in each receipt, and the name, address, and registration number of the person from whom the containers were received.

(4) The amount of such finished form dispensed, including the name and address of the person to whom it was dispensed, the date of dispensing, and the written or typewritten name or initials of the individual who dispensed or administered the substance.

(5) The number of units or volume of the finished form and/or commercial containers disposed of in any other manner by the researcher, including the date and manner of disposal.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)