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Title: Section 80.47 - Institutional dispenser, limited

Effective Date


80.47 Institutional dispenser, limited.

(a) Nursing homes, convalescent homes, health-related facilities, adult care facilities subject to the provisions of Title 18 NYCRR Parts 487, 488 and 490, dispensaries or clinics not qualifying as institutional dispensers in license class 3 shall apply for an institutional dispenser, limited license. Such institutional dispensers qualifying for controlled substances privileges shall obtain a class 3a license from the department.

(b) An institutional dispenser licensed in class 3a may administer controlled substances to patients only pursuant to a prescription issued by an authorized physician or other authorized practitioner and filled by a registered pharmacy; except that controlled substances in emergency medical kits may be administered to patients as provided in Section 80.49(d) of this Part; however, controlled substances in emergency medication kits may not be administered to patients in an adult care facility subject to the provisions of Title 18 NYCRR Parts 487, 488 and 490.

(c) An institutional dispenser, limited, licensed in class 3a, which is operated as an integral and physical part of a facility licensed as a class 3 institutional dispenser may be provided with bulk stocks of controlled substances obtained pursuant to such class 3 institutional dispenser license. Records of distribution and administration of such bulk stocks of controlled substances shall be kept as provided in section 80.48(a) of this Part.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)