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Title: Section 80.48 - Records and reports of institutional dispensers

80.48 Records and reports of institutional dispensers.

(a) Hospitals and other facilities licensed and authorized by the department to purchase, possess and use controlled substances shall keep the following records:

(1) An order, signed by a person authorized to prescribe under the provisions of this Part, specifying the controlled substances medication for an indicated person or animal.

(2) A separate record, at the main point of supply for controlled substances showing the type and strength of each drug in the form of a running inventory indicating the dates and amounts of such drugs compounded by them or received from other persons and their distribution or use.

(3) A record of authorized requisitions for such drugs for distribution to substations or wards. Such records shall show receipt at substation or ward by the signature of a person authorized to control such substation or ward; and

(i) with each substock of schedule II controlled substances, an administration sheet shall be furnished.

(ii) the administration sheet shall list the type of controlled substances, dose and number of doses furnished to the substock; and

(a) date and hour of administration;

(b) name of patient;

(c) name of prescribing physician or practitioner;

(d) quantity of administration;

(e) balance on hand after each administration; and

(f) signature of administering nurse.

(4) A record in the patient's chart indicating administration of the controlled substance including the name of the administering attendant and the date and hour of administration.

(b) Records of controlled substances received shall include date of receipt, name and address of vendor, type and quantity of such drugs received. A duplicate invoice or separate itemized list furnished by the vendor will be sufficient to satisfy this record requirement provided it includes all required information and is maintained in a separate file. In addition, duplicate copies of Federal order forms for schedule II controlled substances must be retained.

(c) Records of controlled substances administered shall include date of administration, name of patient, prescriber's signature, signature of person administering, type and quantity of drug and such other information as may be required by regulation or provisions of article 33 of the Public Health Law.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)