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Title: Section 80.62 - Use of controlled substances in treatment

80.62 Use of controlled substances in treatment.

(a) Physicians and other authorized practitioners in the course of their professional practice, may dispense, administer or prescribe controlled substances for legitimate medical purposes or treatment, other than treatment for addiction to controlled substances, when the practitioner regulates the dosage and prescribes or administers a quantity of such drugs no greater than that ordinarily recognized by members of his profession as sufficient for proper treatment in a given case.

(b) Such practitioners shall maintain a written patient record of administration, dispensing and prescription of all controlled substances. The patient record shall contain sufficient information to justify the diagnosis and warrant the treatment. The record shall contain at least the following information: patient identification data; chief complaint; present illness; physical examination as indicated; diagnosis; other data which support the diagnosis or treatment; and the regimen including the amount, strength, and directions for use of the controlled substance. This subdivision shall not be construed to require a record distinct from the medical record of the patient.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)