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Title: Section 82-2.2 - Computation of grants

Effective Date


82-2.2 Computation of grants. The amount of any grant made to a health systems agency pursuant to this subpart shall be determined by the Commissioner of Health, in accordance with appropriations made pursuant to law.

(a) Base support. The Commissioner of Health shall allocate at least $250,000, contingent upon appropriation level, as base support for each health systems agency and shall distribute any base support according to an equitable formula.

(b) Matching support. Matching support shall be provided based on the level of appropriation and shall be calculated based on a ratio of the appropriation and funds raised and received during the previous calendar year from other qualified sources including grants by local and county governments, interest income, and grants or contributions made by individuals or private entities excluding grants or contributions made by individuals, private entities, or health maintenance organizations having a financial, fiduciary, or other direct interest in the development, expansion, or support of health resources. The calendar year shall be applied to promote consistency and uniformity in measuring funds raised notwithstanding any overlap that may occur in the initial year in measuring funds raised on which state matching funds are calculated. For purposes of this paragraph, an individual or entity shall not be considered to have such an interest solely on the basis of (i) providing, directly or indirectly, health care for their employees, nor (ii) engaging in issuing any policy or contract of individual or group health insurance or hospital or medical service benefits. Further, for purposes of this paragraph, an association of health facilities or providers of health care shall not be considered to have such an interest. The funds raised and received from other qualified sources on which state matching funds are calculated and allocated shall be used solely for the purposes specified in section 82-1.6 of subpart 82-1 of this part.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)