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Title: Section 8.2 - Health officer to file report with local board

8.2 Health officer to file report with local board. The health officer, except in municipalities in which a different procedure is prescribed by general or special law, shall also within five days of the receipt of a complaint or of the discovery of the probable existence of a nuisance which may affect health, unless the nuisance has in the meantime been abated and the complaintant satisfied, file with the local board of health:

(a) the complaint, if made in writing, or, if not in writing a summary thereof; or, if no complaint has been made, a statement of the facts, and

(b) a report showing:

(1) his findings of the facts;

(2) his opinion as to whether or not the condition constitutes a nuisance likely to affect health and whether or not such condition constitutes a violation of any local regulation in the municipality;

(3) the steps, if any, already taken to abate the nuisance;

(4) whether in his opinion the nuisance has been abated.


VOLUME A (Title 10)