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Title: Section 83-1.5 - Registration of shared health facilities

83-1.5 Registration of shared health facilties.

(a) Application for the registration of a shared health facility shall be made upon forms prescribed by the department and shall contain the information required therein.

(b) Each operator of a shared health facility shall apply for renewal of the registration not earlier than 90 days and not later than 30 days prior to the expiration of the current facility registration.

(1) Applications for registration of shared health facilities shall be obtained from the department regional office having responsibility for the administration and supervision of the Medical Assistance Program in the local social services district in which the shared health facility is located.

(2) The shared health facility registration and registration number shall be issued in the name of the facility and the facility operator, and shall not be transferred or discontinued except upon written approval or demand of the department.

(3) A shared health facility registration, issued pursuant to the application specified in this section, shall be issued for a period not to exceed two years, shall be used by the facility operator only for the designated place of operation and shall be prominently posted within the designated premises.

(4) The department may verify the information submitted on the application or a registration. Such verification may be by onsite visit to the applicant operator's premises and may include interview of any owner, operator, practitioner, provider, purveyor, patient or employee encountered on the premises, inspection of any business records, patient records, leases or other contracts executed by any provider or purveyor maintaining a professional practice or business on the premises, and any equipment or instruments used therein.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)