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Title: Section 84.17 - Sick leave

84.17 Sick leave.

(a) Sick leave is absence with pay necessitated by the illness or disability of the employee including illness or disability caused by pregnancy or childbirth.

(b) Employees shall earn sick leave credits at the rate of one-half day per biweekly pay period during periods they are paid their regular salary and may accumulate such credits up to a total of 150 days; provided, however, that an employee shall not earn sick leave credit for any biweekly pay period unless he is in full pay status for at least seven workdays during such biweekly pay period. A part-time employee who is required to work a fixed number of hours, five days per week, shall also earn sick leave credit as provided herein, but his total pay when absent on such leave shall be the amount which would have been due him had he been working regularly at his usual hours for such period.

(c) An employee absent on sick leave shall notify his supervisor of such absence and the reason therefor on the first day of such absence and within two hours after the beginning of the employee's workday; provided, however, that where the work is such that a substitute may be required, the department may require earlier notification, but not more than two hours prior to the beginning of the employee's workday. An employee who fails to so notify his supervisor may be deemed to be on leave without pay for that day. Sick leave credits shall not be used in units of less than one-half hour.

(d) Before absence for personal illness may be charged against accumulated sick leave credits, the department may require such proof of illness as may be satisfactory to it, or may require the employee to be examined, at the expense of the department, by a physician designated by the department. In the event of failure to submit proof of illness upon request, or in the event that, upon such proof as is submitted or upon the report of medical examination, the department finds that there is not satisfactory evidence of illness sufficient to justify the employee's absence from the performance of his duties, such absence may be considered as unauthorized leave and shall not be charged against accumulated sick leave credits. Abuse of sick leave privileges shall be cause for disciplinary action.

(e) The department may require an employee who has been absent because of personal illness, prior to and as a condition of his return to duty, to be examined, at the expense of the department, by a physician designated by the department, to establish that he is not disabled from the performance of his normal duties and that his return to duty will not jeopardize the health of other employees.

(f) In addition to personal illness of the employee, the following types of absence, when approved by the department, may be charged against accumulated sick leave credits: illness or death in the employee's family, provided, however, that charge for such absence shall not exceed a maximum of 15 days in any one school year; and personal visits to doctor or dentist. Proof of the need for such absences, satisfactory to the department, may be required.

(g) When an employee is transferred to another position in the same or a different department or agency and such position is subject to attendance rules approved by the New York State Civil Service Commission, his accumulated sick leave credits shall be transferred with him. When an employee is separated from service for other than disciplinary reasons and is subsequently reinstated or reemployed within one year after such separation, or is reinstated by action of the State Civil Service Commission, or is reinstated or reemployed while eligible for reinstatement from a preferred list, his sick leave credits accumulated and unused at the time of his separation shall be restored; provided, however, that such sick leave credits shall not be restored except when leave records satisfactory to the appointing authority are available.

(h) Every employee shall, on the date on which he becomes subject to these rules, be credited with the number of days of sick leave which he had accumulated under the Attendance Rules for Employees in New York State Departments and Institutions (see 4 NYCRR Chapter II) and had remaining to his credit as of such date.

(i) This section shall not be construed to require extension of any employment beyond the time at which it would otherwise terminate by operation of law, rule or regulation.


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