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Title: Section 86-2.26 - Related organizations

Effective Date


86-2.26 Related organizations.

(a) A related organization shall be defined as any entity which the residential health care facility is in control of or is controlled by, either directly or indirectly, or an organization or institution whose actions or policies the facility has the power, directly or indirectly, to significantly influence or direct, or a special purpose organization, or where an association of material interest exists in an entity which supplies goods and/or services to the residential health care faculty, or any entity which is controlled directly or indirectly by the immediate family of the operator. Immediate family shall include each parent, child, spouse, brother, sister, first cousin, aunt and uncle, whether such relationship arises by reason of birth, marriage or adoption.

(b) The costs of goods and/or services furnished to a residential health care facility by a related organization are includable in the computation of the basic rate at the lower of the cost to the related organization, or the market price of comparable goods and/or services available in the residential health care facility's region within the course of normal business operations.

(c) If the residential health care facility has incurred any costs in connection with a related organization, the final payment rate shall include the costs of such goods and/or services.

(d) A special purpose organization shall be defined as an organization which is established to conduct certain of the provider's patient-care-related or non-patient-care-related activities. The special purpose organization shall be considered to be related if:

(1) the facility controls the special purpose organization through contracts or other legal documents that allow direct authority over the organization's activities, management and policies; or

(2) the facility is, for all practical purposes, the sole beneficiary of the special organization's activities. The facility shall be considered the special purpose organization's sole beneficiary if one or more of the three following circumstances exist:

(i) a special purpose organization has solicited funds in the name of and with the expressed or implied approval of the facility, and substantially all the funds solicited by the organization were intended by the contributor or were otherwise required to be transferred to the facility or used at its discretion or direction;

(ii) the facility has transferred some of its resources to a special purpose organization, substantially all of whose resources are held for the benefit of the facility; or

(iii) the facility has assigned certain of its functions (such as the operation of a dormitory) to a special purpose organization that is operating primarily for the benefit of the facility.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)