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Title: Section 86-2.33 - Dementia pilot demonstration projects

86-2.33 Dementia pilot demonstration projects.

(a) Payment rates shall be adjusted by the addition of a per diem amount as determined by the commissioner pursuant to this section for residential health care facilities participating in pilot demonstration projects for the development of additional knowledge and experience in the area of dementia care and to improve the quality and treatment of patients with dementia.

(b) The adjustment to payment rates provided for in this section shall be made for qualifying residential health care facilities (RHCF's) applying for and receiving the approval of the commissioner for participation in such projects. Acceptable uses of such adjustments shall include but shall not be limited to:

(1) increasing the availability of programs and resources for dementia patients;

(2) training staff to manage behavior or promote effective care of dementia patients;

(3) arranging the environment in ways that produce positive outcomes for dementia patients; and/or

(4) maintaining and promoting autonomy and decisionmaking on the part of dementia patients.

(c) Individual facilities or groups of facilities may participate in pilot demonstration projects pursuant to this subdivision.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)