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Title: Section 86-4.15 - Calculation of trend factor

Effective Date


86-4.15 Calculation of trend factor.

(a) The commissioner shall establish trend factors to project increases in allowable operating costs during the effective period of the reimbursement rate.

(b) To determine trend factors, the elements of facilities' costs shall be weighted based upon data for salaries, employee health and welfare expense, nonpayroll administrative and general expense, nonpayroll household and maintenance expense, and nonpayroll professional care expense. Each weight shall be adjusted by one or more price indices. Included among these indices are elements of the United States Department of Labor consumer and producer price indices and special indices developed by the commissioner for this purpose.

(c) The projected trend factors shall be updated on an annual basis, based upon then current and available data. The commissioner shall adjust subsequent trend factors based upon such update.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)