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Title: Section 86-6.6 - Supplemental financial assistance program

Effective Date


86-6.6 Supplemental financial assistance program.

(a) The supplemental financial assistance program provides enhanced payments to patients with special needs as defined in subdivision (k) of section 86-6.1 of this Subpart using payment rates established pursuant to subdivision (g) of section 86-6.2 of this Subpart.

(b) To receive the enhanced Medicaid payment rates as set forth in section 86-6.2(g) of this Subpart, a hospice must:

(1) meet all certification requirements pursuant to Article 40 of the Public Health Law;

(2) continue efforts to obtain financial support from public and community funding sources;

(3) make a reasonable effort to collect payments for services from third party insurance payers, governmental payers and self paying patients;

(4) establish a reasonable relationship between costs and charges, or establish charges at approximate costs; and

(5) with respect to the enhanced payment rates for escort services, provide the commissioner with an acceptable written plan explaining how escort services will be used by each agency which may be billing the routine home care rates with escort.

(c) The provisions set forth in this section, and sections 86-6.1(k) and 86-6.2(g) of this Subpart shall expire and be deemed to have no further force or effect on and after the date on which section 4012-a of the Public Health Law, which authorizes establishment of the supplemental financial assistance program, expires.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)