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Title: Section 88-1.1 - Eligibility for admission


Section 88-1.1 Eligibility for admission.

The purpose of the hospital is to provide integrate and coordinated medical, social, psychological, vocational, and educational services for the comprehensive rehabilitation of persons who are or are likely to become handicapped or disabled. A person of any age is eligible for admission for inpatient or outpatient evaluation or care, provided that he appears to have reasonable potential for benefiting from the services of the hospital. Such determination shall be made by the director of the hospital. Patients whose sole or principal need is for domiciliary or custodial care shall not be eligible for admission. A person who does not reside in the State of New York or who was not present in the State when his handicap or disability originated may be admitted to the hospital provided that such admission is to a special demonstration or investigative unit funded in part for such purposes by the Federal government, another State or any other public or private agency not receiving New York financial assistance or is for investigation as part of a special research protocol as determined by the director.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)