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Title: Section 88-2.2 - Application for admission

Effective Date


88-2.2 Application for admission.

(a) Applications for admission to New York State veterans homes shall be made on forms provided by the department, and such applications shall be presented to the board of visitors and accepted, rejected or otherwise acted upon by them according to this Subpart and the provisions of the Public Health Law.

(b) Each applicant for admission shall furnish a certification of all property of which he or she is possessed and of all sources of income. Following admission, each resident shall be required to furnish further certification as to such facts annually.

(c) Each application for admission shall be accompanied by a report of a recent medical examination and by the certification of a physician designated or approved by the department that the applicant requires either skilled nursing care or health-related care. The medical report shall be reviewed by the medical staff to determine, on the basis of such report, whether the applicant's physical condition appears to be such that he or she requires care in the skilled nursing facility or the health-related facility, as the case may be.

(d) Preference in admissions to those otherwise qualified shall be given to those in the greatest need for the services available at the facility within the preferences established by article 26-A of the Public Health Law; otherwise, so far as practicable, applicants shall be admitted in the order determined by the date of the application.

(e) Residents may be discharged from the facility when the resident's need for care has ended and the Director of the Home can find a setting for the resident where his or her health care and other needs can be met. A resident admitted prior to October 1, 1989 may remain even though his or her condition improves and he or she no longer requires skilled nursing or health-related facility care.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)