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Title: Section 88-2.4 - Claims for cost of care and maintenance

88-2.4 Claims for cost of care and maintenance.

(a) Each resident shall be expected to pay each month from his or her assets, resources or income such amounts on account of the care and maintenance provided by the facility as the State Department of Health shall find to be reasonable. Payments may be paid directly by the resident, or by an agent of the resident, to the home or, if the resident chooses and so authorizes, his entire assets and income may be placed in a joint account with the treasurer of the home for withdrawal by him of the established maintenance charge from the account each month.

(b) Each applicant shall agree, when his or her available resources are insufficient to pay the entire cost of care or maintenance on a current basis, to apply for medical assistance under the New York State Medicaid Program through the New York State Veterans' Home.

(c) Each applicant shall make arrangements satisfactory to the State Department of Health for funeral expenses.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)