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Title: Section 88-2.6 - Limitations of care and discharges

88-2.6 Limitations of care and discharges.

(a) The care of any individual shall be limited to the services available at the facility, except as otherwise permitted by section 88-2.2 of this Subpart.

(b) If any veteran requires care for an acute illness and is entitled to care in a veterans' hospital, he or she may utilize the resources of such a veterans' hospital, where feasible and practical, provided such care is available and he or she can be admitted.

(c) Individuals may be discharged to responsible relatives or to any facilities of the Federal government, the State or its subdivisions, when the facility is inadequate to provide the proper care required by a mental or physical condition of the individual.

(d) Individuals may be discharged when they shall have achieved maximum benefits from the services of the facility as determined by the director. Individuals desiring to leave before achieving maximum benefits shall sign a statement releasing the facility, the New York State Department of Health and the State of New York from any liability which might result from such discharge. Patients may be discharged for noncompliance with facility rules, misbehavior or noncooperation, as determined by the director.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)