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Title: Section 88-3.12 - Charge for treatment

88-3.12 Charge for treatment.

The director shall, from time to time, determine the actual and necessary costs of treatment and shall file such reports relating thereto as may be required by the Commissioner of Health or any provisions of law. It is the policy of the institute to require full payment of the cost of care as determined by the director or as provided by agreements with third-party payors providing coverage to patients undergoing either in-patient or out-patient services. The director shall have the authority to waive part or all of the such charges, according to policies in effect at that time which were promulgated by the director and approved by the Commissioner of Health in the event that:

(a) The patient is determined to be unable to pay charges at the established rates by reason of insufficient resources. A schedule for determining ability to pay shall be maintained at the institute and shall be subject to public inspection. Such schedule shall be revised from time to time with the approval of the Commissioner of Health.

(b) The patient is admitted to treatment either as in-patient or out-patient under a research protocol duly approved by the director. Each patient so admitted to treatment will sign (or have signed on his behalf by a legally constituted authority) a statement of consent indicating that such patient or his or her authorized representative has been informed of the research protocol applicable and the extent to which the proposed therapeutic regimen is considered to be experimental and accepts the risks thereof.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)