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Title: Section 89.20 - Registration and continuing education

Effective Date



Section 89.20 Registration and continuing education.

(a) Each person licensed pursuant to this Part must obtain a certificate of registration from the department prior to practicing radiology in this state. The department shall register each licensee who submits a completed registration application on a form supplied by the department, pays a fee of $20 per year, and provides evidence of completion of any continuing education requirements required by this section. Every practicing radiologic technologist shall have available for review by the department or other interested parties at all places of employment a copy of his/her current certificate of registration.

(b) Each registration shall authorize a licensee to practice radiologic technology for a period of up to four years and terminate on the registrant's birth date.

(c) Beginning January 1, 2010, each radiologic technologist, when applying to register pursuant to subdivision (a) of this section, must provide evidence of continuing education equivalent to 12 credit hours for each year of the registration cycle or 48 credit hours for a four year registration period. The 48 credits may be completed any time during the 48 months preceding the start of the renewal period.

(d) Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, the department may waive the continuing education requirement of a licensee who has recently completed an education program in radiologic technology pursuant to section 89.10(a)(2) of this Part, and is applying for registration for the first time. Thereafter, to reregister the radiologic technologist must provide evidence of the continuing education credits in accordance with subdivision (c) of this section.

(e) All continuing education credits must be approved by an accrediting organization approved by the department.

(f) A copy of a current certificate of registration from an accrediting organization approved by the department is acceptable evidence to meet the continuing education requirement.

(g)  The department may issue a conditional registration to a registrant who does not meet the continuing education requirements of this section provided that such applicant agrees to correct the deficiency within the conditional registration period, in addition to their regular continuing education to be applied to the next registration cycle. 

(1)  Conditional registrations shall be for no more than 180 days and shall not be renewable.

(2)  Failure to complete the required continuing education credits may be considered unethical conduct by the department.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)