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Title: Section 89.3 - Registration

Effective Date



Section 89.3 Registration

(a) The department may issue a certificate of registration to a sponsoring institution with an educational program that is recognized by the department as leading to licensure as a radiologic technologist if a sponsoring institution fulfills the following requirements in a manner acceptable to the department:

(1) files an application for registration with the department on such forms as the department may prescribe;

(2) provides documentation describing the sponsoring institution’s financial resources, instructional curriculum, faculty, classroom and clinical facilities, student policies and administrative organization;

(3) passes a site inspection of the sponsoring institution's administrative, didactic and clinical facilities conducted by the department, the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology or other accrediting body approved by the department; and,

(4) upon request, provides documentation from any accrediting organization of any certification or approval of the educational program.

(b) In the event that the department finds deficiencies in an educational program offered by a sponsoring institution seeking a certificate of registration, the department may issue a provisional certificate of registration to a sponsoring institution if the sponsoring institution agrees in writing to correct deficiencies in the educational program within a period of time specified by the department.

(c) The department may deny, revoke or suspend a certificate of registration or a provisional certificate of registration upon a determination by the department that:

(1) the sponsoring institution has not, or is not likely to comply with this Part, applicable regulations, or the Public Health Law;

(2) the sponsoring institution has not complied with the standards and policies of the accrediting organization that approved or recognized its educational program; or,

(3) the educational program does not have any students for a period of two successive years. The department shall notify the sponsoring institution of its intent to deny, revoke or terminate a certificate of registration or provisional certificate of registration. The sponsoring institution may, within 30 days of notification, petition the department in writing for a review. The sponsoring institution shall then be given the opportunity to be heard by the commissioner or his or her designee.

(d) A sponsoring institution whose registration has been suspended or revoked pursuant to this section shall not be eligible to apply for a new registration until such time as the deficiencies have been corrected to the satisfaction of the department.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)