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Title: Section 89.5 - Students

Effective Date


Section 89.5 Students.

(a) A sponsoring institution shall report in writing to the department the name of each student who has successfully completed the radiologic technology course of study within 30 days of such completion.

(b) A sponsoring institution shall ensure that students do not apply radiation to a human being for clinical practice until they have completed instruction in, and have understanding of radiation safety as it pertains to protecting themselves, patients and personnel from unnecessary exposure to radiation. This instruction shall include practical experience using phantoms or other non-human devices. The sponsoring institution shall ensure that the initial applications of radiation to human beings by students shall be under the personal supervision of a radiologist, radiographer, radiation therapist or nuclear medicine technologists, as applicable, until the student’s performance has been evaluated as satisfactory.

(c) Notwithstanding the requirements of section 16.11(a)(1) of the State Sanitary Code, a sponsoring institution shall provide all students with a personal radiation monitoring device during their radiologic technology course of study. The sponsoring institution shall ensure that student exposure to radiation shall be within the occupational limits prescribed by the applicable regulations and shall routinely inform students of their radiation exposure readings.

(d) A sponsoring institution shall ensure that its students apply radiation to human beings only at its clinical facilities and only for the purpose of clinical practice in the use of medical imaging or radiation therapy equipment.

(e) A sponsoring institution shall ensure that students enrolled in and attending a radiologic technology program shall wear at all times, while at any of the sponsoring institution's clinical facilities, identification tags that conspicuously shows their name and title as "STUDENT, Radiographer" or "STUDENT, Radiation Therapist", or "STUDENT, Nuclear Medicine Technologist", as appropriate. A sponsoring institution shall issue identification tags only to enrolled students and shall collect the identification tag of each student who graduates or withdraws from the school.

(f) A sponsoring institution may assign students to clinical practice on evenings, nights, weekends or legal holidays, provided that such clinical assignments:

(1) shall be given only to students in the final six months of training;

(2) shall not exceed a total of 80 hours;

(3) shall not result in the student attending in excess of eight hours in a 24-hour period of combined classroom and clinical assignments; and,

(4) shall be based upon a written plan and adequately maintained records, which include the designation of a radiologic technologist to supervise each such assignment.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)