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Title: Section 902.2 - Residents' rights and organizations

Effective Date


902.2 Residents' rights and organizations. (a) All life care community residents shall have the right to self organization. Any resident group organized pursuant to this section shall also have the following rights:

(1) the right to engage in group activities for any purpose including keeping informed of the operations of the community;

(2) the right to use community facilities to conduct group meetings;

(3) the right to obtain the current copies of the disclosure statement, annual report, audit reports and final results of any surveillance activities pertaining to the community as a whole or any of its component facilities; and

(4) the right to appoint one or more residents to represent the group in dealings with the community administration.

(b) In addition to or in conjunction with resident organized meetings, the board of directors, it designated representative or other such governing body shall meet at least four times annually with the residents' representatives to discuss or explain any of the information obtained by the residents pursuant to this section or otherwise address the concerns of the residents.

(c) The board of directors, its designated representative or other such governing body shall be required to hold a general meeting of all residents annually to discuss subjects including, but not limited to, the financial position of the community, the quality of social and health services provided by the community and any proposed changes in policies, programs or services.


VOLUME E (Title 10)