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Title: Section 92-1.9 - Exemptions

Effective Date


92-1.9 Exemptions.

The department may grant an exemption from such training and education to: physicians, PAs and SAs when the professional demonstrates to the Department's satisfaction that:

(1) no need exists to complete the course work or training due to the nature of his/her practice, or

(2) he/she has completed equivalent course work or training. No need to complete course work or training exists when health professionals are in settings where they do not provide direct patient care, do not have responsibility for supervising staff who provide direct patient care or reprocess used patient care equipment, or do not perform services to which these standards would be expected to apply, or when the professional does not practice in New York State. A physician, a P.A. or S.A. who has been granted an exemption shall notify the Department in writing of any change in the nature of his or her practice within 30 days of the occurrence of such change. The physician, P.A. or S.A. shall then obtain necessary course work or training within 90 days of the change in practice.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)