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Title: Section 92-2.1 - Required use of infection control practices

Effective Date


92-2.1 Required use of infection control practices. For physicians, registered physician assistants and specialist assistants, the definition of unprofessional conduct shall include the failure to use scientifically accepted infection control practices to prevent transmission of disease pathogens from patient to patient, physician to patient, regstered physician or specialist assistant to patient, employee to patient, and patient to employee, as appropriate to physicians, registered physician's assistants and specialist's assistants. Such practices shall include:

(a) adherence to scientifically accepted standards for: handwashing; aseptic technique; use of gloves and other barriers for preventing bi-directional contact with blood and body fluids; thorough cleaning followed by sterilization or disinfection of medical devices; disposal of non-reusable materials and equipment; and cleaning between patients of objects that are visibly contaminated or subject to touch contamination with blood or body fluids;

(b) use of scientifically accepted injury prevention techniques or engineering controls to reduce the opportunity for patient and employee exposures; and

(c) performance monitoring of all personnel, licensed or unlicensed, for whom the licensee is responsible regarding infection control techniques.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)