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Title: Section 93.1 - Filing of complaint

Effective Date


Section 93.1 Filing of complaint.

(a) A person claiming to be aggrieved by an improper practice as defined in subdivision 1 of section 2801-b of the Public Health Law may, by himself/herself or his/her attorney, file with the Public Health Council a written complaint which satisfies all of the requirements set forth in section 93.2 of this Part. The complaint must be signed and verified by the complainant personally, or by his/her attorney if the material allegations of the complaint are within the attorney's personal knowledge.

(b) At the time such complaint is filed with the Public Health Council, a copy of the entire complaint, including all attachments and related exhibits, must be filed with the hospital alleged to have committed the improper practice.

(c) An affirmation by the complainant stating that he or she has provided the hospital with a copy of the entire complaint must accompany the complaint being filed with the Public Health Council.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)