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Title: Section 14-1.88 - Display and service of food

Effective Date


14-1.88 Display and service of food.

(a) Food placed on display is to be protected against contamination. Easily cleanable counter-protector devices, cabinets, display cases, containers or other similar protective equipment are to be used. Self-service openings in counter guards are required to protect food from unnecessary manual contact by consumers. The quantity of food displayed is to be appropriate to meet immediate needs.

(b) The requirements for counter-protector devices required in subdivision (a) of this section are waived when the food displayed is at a catered party or occasion where the consumers are limited to a single group, not the general public, and where the food will be on display for no more than two hours. All leftover food not protected while displayed must be discarded.

(c) All artificial lighting fixtures located over, by or within food storage, preparation, service or display facilities, and facilities where utensils and equipment are cleaned and stored, are to be protected to prevent broken glass from falling into food or onto food-contact surfaces. This requirement does not include decorative lighting fixtures in areas used exclusively for dining.

(d) Infrared or other heat lamps are to be protected against breakage by shielding surrounding and extending beyond the bulb, leaving only the face of the bulb exposed.


VOLUME A (Title 10)