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Title: Section 98-3.11 - CPA’s letter of qualifications

Effective Date


Section 98-3.11 CPA’s letter of qualifications.

Every MCO subject to this Subpart shall retain a CPA who agrees by written contract with such MCO to comply with the provisions of this section and 98-1.16. The contract must specify:

(a) That the CPA is independent with respect to the MCO and is acting in conformity with the standards of the CPA’s profession, such as contained in the Code of Professional Ethics and pronouncements of the AICPA and the Rules of Professional Conduct of the New York Board of Public Accountancy, or similar code and meets the definition of a CPA set forth in subdivision (e) of section 98-3.2 of this Subpart;

(b) That the CPA understands the annual audited financial report, that the CPA’s opinion thereon will be filed in compliance with this Subpart and that the Commissioner will be relying on this information in the monitoring and regulation of the financial condition of the MCO;

(c) That the CPA consents to the requirements of section 98-3.12 of this Subpart and that the CPA consents and agrees to make available the work papers for review by the Commissioner; and

(d) A representation that the CPA is in compliance with the requirements of section 98-3.6 of this Subpart.


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)