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Title: Section 795.10 - Emergency care

Effective Date


Section 795.10 Emergency care. The midwifery birth center shall have the capability and equipment to provide care to patients at low risk and a readiness at all times to meet any unexpected needs of patients within the center, and to facilitate transport to an acute care setting when necessary. The midwifery birth center shall stabilize and transfer patients to an appropriate general hospital for continued care when medically indicated. Staff with required current course completion status in NRP, BLS, and ACLS shall be available and shall have immediate access to all necessary equipment in accordance with these certifications to initiate resuscitation of patients. The midwifery birth center must have availability of adequate numbers of qualified professionals with competence and ability to stabilize and transfer high-risk patients. The operator shall ensure that at a minimum:

(a) emergency equipment and supplies approved by the midwifery birth center director are available for use for resuscitation of both adult and neonate patients and include at least the following:

(1) intravenous therapy equipment;

(2) infant warmer;

(3) infant transport equipment;

(4) oxygen and oxygen administration equipment for patient and infant;

(5) airways and manual breathing bags for patient and infant;

(6) suction machine and equipment for patient and infant;

(7) adult and infant laryngoscope and endotracheal tubes; and

(8) medications and intravenous fluids with supplies and equipment for administration;

(b) center staff are certified in NRP, BLS, and ACLS resuscitation and other emergency procedures; and

(c) a licensed midwife, and one other staff member, both trained in NRP, BLS, and ACLS emergency procedures, are on duty in the center when patients are in the midwifery birth center.


Statutory Authority

Public Health Law, Sections 2801 and 2803(11)


VOLUME E (Title 10)