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Title: Section 795.4 - Midwifery birth center transfer procedures

Effective Date


Section 795.4 Midwifery birth center transfer procedures.

(a) The midwifery birth center shall maintain the capability to evaluate, stabilize and transfer patients other than patients at low risk, including newborns. The midwifery birth center shall refer or transfer patients for any health care services that fall outside the scope of midwifery birth center resources and risk criteria at any point during the course of care. The midwifery birth center shall initiate transfer when risks are identified, including when there is prolonged labor, fetal distress, or a need for spinal or epidural anesthesia, or when there may be an operative or cesarean birth.

(b) Midwifery birth centers shall have written plans and procedures for the transfer of patients to the obstetrical or pediatric services of the receiving hospital(s) when complications arise. Such plans and procedures shall include arrangements for an ambulance service and, when necessary, accompanying the patient in the ambulance with a clinical staff member of the midwifery birth center.

(c) The operator, in consultation with the receiving hospital(s), shall develop a list of indicators necessitating transfer and a written procedure for automatic acceptance of such transfers by the receiving hospital, which shall include transfer of patients when neonatal abstinence syndrome or fetal alcohol syndrome is evident or suspected.

(d) The operator shall implement a system to ensure that a copy of the medical record accompanies the patient upon transfer to the hospital.

(e) The operator shall establish a mechanism for jointly reviewing all transfer cases by the receiving hospital(s) and the midwifery birth center as part of the quality assurance program specified in section 795.9 of this Part.

Statutory Authority

Public Health Law, Sections 2801 and 2803(11)


VOLUME E (Title 10)