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Title: Appendix 75-A.5 - House or building sewer

Effective Date


Section 75-A.5 House or building sewer.

(a) House sewers are laid on firm foundation at a minimum grade of one-quarter inch per foot preferably without bends. At least one cleanout with a properly fitted plug is to be provided. The house sewer shall allow for venting of gases from the sewage system.

(b) House sewer construction including materials shall comply with the applicable requirements of the State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, Residential Code, Chapter 30, Sanitary Drainage.

(c) A minimum horizontal separation of 10 feet should exist between the house sewer and any water line. Where lines must cross, the water service line shall be at least 12 inches above the house sewer. If a water line must pass below the house sewer, the vertical separation must be at least 18 inches.

(d) Suction waterlines shall never cross under house sewers or any other component of the sewage system.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)