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Title: Section 69-11.3 - Surrogacy program owner information

Effective Date


69-11.3 Surrogacy program owner information.

(a) The surrogacy program shall provide, as a condition of licensure, business and owner information to the Department such as:

(1) The business name, each business address, tax ID number, and date of incorporation if applicable;

(2) The true full legal name, date of birth, driver license number, social security or tax identification number, and home address of all owners;

(3) Degrees, certifications and licenses or other professional designation of the primary owner for the business and for all owners; and

(4) Each business or occupation engaged in by all owners during the five years immediately preceding the date of the application, including place of employment and the location thereof.

(b) Any material change in the information set forth in this section following date of licensure and prior to the annual renewal of licensure shall be reported to the Department.

(c) Any failure to disclose a material change of information within 30 days of the change shall constitute grounds for the Department to revoke the license of such surrogacy program pursuant to section 69-11.10 of this Part.

(d) When such change causes a new person to acquire a controlling interest in the surrogacy program, such person must submit an initial application for licensure before such purchase or acquisition may take place.

(e) The owner of a licensed surrogacy program is responsible for designating staff to regularly monitor and update, as needed, the surrogacy program’s business and owner information.

Statutory Authority

General Business Law, Section 1404 and Public Health Law, Sections 2599-cc and 4365(4)


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)