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Title: Section 50-3.4 - Notification of patient rights

Effective Date


50-3.4 Notification of patient rights.

(a) If a provider denies access to patient information the provider shall inform, in writing, the qualified person of the reasons for denial and the qualified person's right to obtain a review of the denial. The provider shall furnish the qualified person a form, approved by the Department of Health, which can be used for requesting such a review.

(b) If a qualified person decides to request a review, he or she shall do so by forwarding the request to the API coordinator for review. The API coordinator shall notify the provider of the request for review and of the name and address of the chairperson of the committee where the patient information shall be sent. A copy of the patient information, and a statement of the reasons for denial must be sent by the provider to the chairperson within 10 days of notification of the request.  The qualified person shall be given a reasonable opportunity to present written information and written statements.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)